Sir Kenneth Green Library

Sir Kenneth Green Library

Working With Manchester Metropolitan UniversityBackground & project overview:

The convergence of all Manchester university libraries into the Sir Kenneth Green Library (SKGL) on the All Saints Campus required considerable planning.

Project aim:

The Library Consolidation Project will result in the convergence of all Manchester libraries onto the All Saints campus by 2014.

To change the stock layout at the Sir Kenneth Green Library, All Saints in preparation for site library closures and stock integration over the subsequent three summers.

Work involved:

Stock required moving quickly and in sequence to minimise the amount of time for which it is unavailable to students.

The stock moves took place alongside the replacement and reconfiguration of shelving by the shelving supplier. The project required in-depth and fine planning and coordination between Specialised Movers Ltd and the shelving company.

The Library remained open throughout the summer of all phases (staff access for stock requests) but students were not allowed access to areas affected by stock and shelving moves.

The first requirement was for existing stock in the SKGL to be reorganised into a single, logical sequence in summer 2011, so that Aytoun stock can be accommodated and interfiled in summer 2012. The creation of a single class mark sequence was essential because there was no space to take the stock from the other site libraries. However, the process of moving all the stock within the SKGL is a complex one. In particular:

  • Phase 1: (summer 2011) The stock moves within the SKGL was a major undertaking involving the relocation of approximately 378,400 volumes, the moves took place during a very limited timeframe (13/14-week window), commencing when exams finish (w/e 27th May 2011) with completion by 31st August 2011.
  • Phase 2: (summer 2012) Aytoun campus library stock and IT suite relocated and integrated during July & August. Approx. 2935 linear metres of stock crated into temporary storage to facilitate the completion of replacement shelving. Approx. 40,000 volumes moved from Aytoun and integrated within 2935 linear metres of stock returned to new shelving.
  • Phase 3: (summer 2013) Hollings campus library integration. Smaller of the phased moves: BUT still an important piece of the jigsaw, requiring approx. 25,000 volumes relocated from Hollings campus and integrated throughout.
  • Phase 4: Library Consolidation Project which included: rearrange to 1 system throughout 3 floors with full integration of remaining 2 campus libraries.
  1. Elizabeth Gaskell Library Decant
  2. Didsbury Library Decant
  3. Dismantling, transport & re-installation of Didsbury’s shelving at SKGL
  4. Transport of spare shelving from Aytoun store to SKGL for reinstallation
  5. Relocation of Elizabeth Gaskell and Didsbury Library Services staff to the All Saints Building
  6. Refurbishment of the Fifth Floor at the SKGL (furniture to temp store).
  • Phase 4, during a very limited timeframe (13/14-week window), commencing when exams finish (w/e 23rd May 2014) with completion by 31st August 2014. All three libraries Elizabeth Gaskell, Didsbury and SKGL will remain open throughout the summer. Specialised Movers required to liaise closely with MMU, Demco Interiors (shelving suppliers) and other contractors as necessary.
  • Summary: Phase 4
    Specialised Movers Ltd: Approx. 19,000 crate movements throughout the convergence of all Manchester university libraries, requiring a window of 11 weeks plus 1 week for office relocations and furniture movements.

Issues to overcome: Each year/Each phase:

Evaluate numbers/volume of library stock that required relocation.

Fully understand the customer requirements.
Meet with customer project team to understand & assist plan & deliver to new layout configuration.
Continuity was essential to maintain sequence and working relationship with customer project team, keeping abreast of any changes or issues arising daily.

Access issues:

  • Parking
    Park within allocated area allowing other contractors access.
  • Lift & corridors
    Using when less busy periods, minimise student/staff interface.
  • Protection
    Lifts & corridors
  • Library open 24 hours
    Using when less busy periods & make sterile working area to minimise student/staff interface.

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