Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

The Project

As library removal experts, Specialised Movers were asked to complete the IOM3 Library Relocation of Rare Stock from London to Grantham, providing special care packing and shelving services.

Phase 1: Library

Relocation of rare library stock from 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5DB to Priest Court, Grantham, NG31 7BG.

  • Stock removed from high level period storage system.
  • Wrap and pack library collection in sequential order, relocate to new location unpack, unwrap and re-shelve.

A layer of Plastazote™ foam or large-bubbled bubble-wrap in the bottom of each crate used, to reduce vibration:

  • Items with particular sensitivities required specially-made packing cases to give maximum protection against environmental changes and vibration during transit.

Books and bound archive material:

  • Rare books, loose archival material or bindings with torn or flaking covering wrapped in acid-free tissue, to prevent abrasion and loss of material, and to provide some cushioning during transit.
  •  Tissue-wrapped books, laid flat in bubble-wrap lined crates.
  • Once the crate is full, excess space packed out with bubble-wrap.
  • Books too large to fit into crates, individually wrapped first in acid free tissue and then in at least two layers of bubble-wrap and placed in open stacking trays.

Phase 2: Art & rare items from to store

Removal of art collection and rare artefacts.

  • 200 pictures and paintings individual wrapped, packed, inventoried and removed to store.
  • 40 Large rare portraits. (wall mounted).
  • Bessemer clock, base (marble) and statue (bronze lady) Dismantle to 6 components (approx. 9ft) to Individual bespoke cases/crates.
  • 2 x War Memorials (approx. 350/370kg).
  • Each item numbered, documented & photographed.
  • Individual bespoke cases/crates made.
  • Removal from walls (scaffold & lifting equipment).
  • Wrapped and cased/crated.
  • Transported to store facility.

Phase 3: Return/delivery to new location 297 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AQ

Returned on a call off basis (customer requesting individual items by number).

Many of the smaller pictures/paintings delivered to customer storage area.

Large rare portraits: re-hung and positioned to customers request throughout building.

  • Wall & celling fittings required.
  • Scaffold & lifting equipment.

War Memorials (370kg) required between 3rd/4th floor landing and wall mounted/fixed.

  • Stair climbing equipment required with lifting rig for final fix.

Bessemer clock, base (marble) and statue (bronze lady)

  • Returned, delivered tiled floor area, unpacked, rebuilt and positioned.

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